An ode to 2012



What a year.


So much joy, so much laughter, so much heartache, so much courage and meaning and life. So much heaviness and grief and vulnerability, depth and the very best kind of love.


2012 changed me. I’m a different person than who I was a year ago. So these are some of the things I learned in 2012:


Say no sometimes. Don’t let people push you around, it’s cowardly.


Tell the people you love that you love them.


Walk away from bad things, even if it hurts to do it.


A good friend doesn’t avoid conflict, they speak the truth in love. They are honest, yet vulnerable.


My future is the result of the choices I make now: I can choose to be more than what a self-help book tells me I will be.


Being scared does nothing.


Sometimes, crying does everything.


When you lose a dream, sometimes a new and more beautiful one will take its place.


It’s not wrong to fall in love again after love seems lost.


Every moment that caused me pain shoved me head-over-heels into the woman I am now. I like who I am now. I wouldn’t take back a single thing.


I can become the person I dream of becoming now, not someday down the road. The process begins when we let it, not when outside circumstances make it easy.


I’m rarely alone in my darkest secrets and stuggles. Sometimes you find that your best friend struggles with the same thing.


Appearances are usually deceiving – you can never look at someone and know how many problems they struggle with.


There’s no shame in needing help.


They will respect you if you respect yourself.


No girl is the same. No guy is the same. Gender stereotypes are a load of B.S.


Love is not love if you want someone because of what they do for you.


Be the best version of myself as much as possible.


It’s not pride to be satisfied with who you are.


It’s okay to be angry.


God will fulfill the desires of my heart, but if my desires change, that doesn’t mean God failed. It just means I changed.



2012- it’s been fun, but I can’t say I’ll miss you. It’s nothing personal of course, just that bigger and better things are ahead of me.


Don’t miss me too much.


All my love,



There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.


– C.S. Lewis 


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