cocoons and butterflies

today, after a bike ride, I was laying in the grass when I saw a cocoon, wriggling under a leaf. I leaned over to study it more closely. for the first time in my life, I watched a butterfly break free from the cocoon, stretch it’s damp wings for the very first time, and take flight. it fluttered awkwardly and took a nosedive towards the ground, but it righted itself once again and flew straight upward, towards the sun.

 I was struck with this similarity between us, me and that butterfly. it seems as though most of us struggle in our own cocoon, trying to tear our way out and stretch our wings, and fly towards God with nothing holding us back. but it seems as though instead of following the gut instinct to fight until we break free, most of us tend to give up, and simply settle for a life inside the cocoon permanently. we lose hope that we can ever break free, that our chains will no longer bind us, that we will experience a day when nothing will hold us back from flying towards eternity.

 I’ve been told a lot recently that I ask too much of my friendships. when I’m treated badly, it should only be expected, even if it happens over and over again. the world around us is putting a crushing burden on our shoulders, expecting us to settle and be “okay” with everything that the world throws at us. but there is nothing more freeing than no longer just settling for things and making yourself “okay”. there comes a point when, out of respect for the precious soul God created in you, you need to say enough. no more. when the world knocks you down, spits in your face, and mocks you and your heart, you will only stand up stronger. THAT is the spirit that I believe Christ calls us to.

 others will tell you that what you want out of your life isn’t realistic…that you have to settle for what’s “practical”. the practical life, to me, is the life that people live because of fear. they’re afraid to need to solely rely on God, without being able to take care of themselves, in case He ‘forgets’ to provide. God will NEVER forget to provide for us! all He asks is that we fully rely on Him.

 don’t let people convince you that you have to settle for the life you have, instead of pursuing the life you dream of. don’t just sit in your cocoon forever, dark and dead inside. instead, stretch out your wings and tear through your fears and fly upward, joyful and free.


What do you think?

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