Dear world

Dear, lovely world.


Wow, we spend a lot of time hating you, don’t we? We hate your music, we hate your food, we’re unsettled by your laughter. We’re relieved when you weep and mourn. We preach at you and look down our noses at everything you are. 


I am sorry. That’s embarrassing. Especially since I’m one of them.


I know you’re not perfect. Heck, neither am I. You do crazy things, you yearn for life and adventure and meaning. So do I.


But we forget that you’re human, and so are we. And we are all made in God’s image, even if you don’t acknowledge it.  You are not the enemy. And there are still things I can learn from you, even in your imperfection.


When you high-fived me today at the grocery store because you liked my hoodie. 

When you paid for my Starbucks drink in the drive-thru.

When you, a stranger, saw enough beauty in me to leave your phone number on my McDonald’s receipt, despite the four year old in my backseat.

When you left a note in my library book, saying “Whoever reads this, you are special. Somebody loves you.”


It would be stupid to assume all these beautiful things had to be done by someone who believed in God. God is so loving, He even gives His beauty to those who don’t acknowledge where it came from.


I love your music. It reminds me of the fullness of life. You’re alive and creative and growing all the time. Your lyrics aren’t always dirty and disgusting; sometimes they’re beautiful and deep, more than many Christian songs.


I love your books. They’re thought provoking. They draw me in and make me think about death and heartache and questions. We Christians spend a lot of time dwelling on answers, afraid to acknowledge the questions we don’t have answers for. You have no fear of that because that’s all you know.


We’re different, you and me, but I admire you. Sometimes you’re cowardly, but sometimes you’re brave. Really brave. And I respect that.


I’m sorry for how we’ve shoved you away and bought into the belief that we’re always right and you’re always wrong. It never works like that.


I hope you find the answers you yearn for. I hope you find the cure for your heartache. You deserve it.


What do you think?

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