Don’t give up.

Dear you:


I just want to remind you how wonderful you are. Really. Life has its ups and downs but you just keep doing your thang, living your life. You go girl! 


But seriously. I’m not sure you know how brave you really are: living your life even on the days when you’re ready to quit before you get out of bed. I’ve had those days, and just thinking about them makes me weak in the knees. But you get up without hesitation, throw off the covers, hop in the shower or brush your teeth. That’s quite brave, you know. 


Do you know how quickly this world is losing brave people? They are becoming an endangered species. By the time we enter our twenties, 1 in 12 young Americans will have tried to end their lives by writing their own ending, an ending that cuts their loved ones like a sharp knife.


Why, why does this happen? How could this happen?


Suicide isn’t the failure of a person, it’s the failure of a community. Community is parents, neighbors, coworkers and teachers and friends and cousins and siblings. When a person gives up on this life, they’re not giving up on themselves; they’re giving up on us and our ability to embrace them.


So here is my plea:


Please, please don’t give up on us just yet. Give us another chance. We’re so sorry we let you down. We’re so sorry you felt invisible.


Here’s a little secret, from me to you:


I need you. This world needs you. You are an irreplaceable piece in this web of life and connection and community. You reach a group of people that I don’t even know and can’t touch, no matter how far I stretch my fingers. You’re powerful, powerfully necessary. Nobody can do what you do. Nobody can be you.


I need your voice, your touch, your smile. I need to hear the music only you can create, the words only you can write. I need to learn from the stories only you can tell. I need your thoughts and ideas and opinions. 


People will tell you you’re replaceable or worthless, but it’s a lie. People lie when they’re scared.


So let me be your cheerleader for a second and say some words you need to hear:


You can do this.


You have everything you need to thrive in this world. You have everything necessary to get out of your comfort zone and love, boldly and brazenly. You have gotten out of bed every morning this far, you can keep going. It may not get easier, but you might find that every day you have more to gain. You’re not alone, FriendThere are people who love you and recognize you and would give an arm and a leg for you to notice them. 


You are desirable. Even the dirtiest, ugliest parts of you deserve to be loved and kissed and embraced. You are not repulsive. You are lovely, to the core of who you are. People have used you and abused you, but you are strong. When the time comes, you will be able to love again.


You are so ready to live your life, right now, today.


See you tomorrow.


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