happy endings and resolutions

when I think about new things in life, I mostly think about starting things, not finishing them. I think about how fun it is to start a new project and the enthusiasm you have when you’re about to begin. I have all the tools around me, and I’m sitting there and staring at everything, leaping with excitement on the inside for the adventure that is about to unfold before me.


but I have this terrible tendency to not finish projects that I start. I can tell you about all sorts of projects that I had the brilliant idea for, started out for about a week, and gave up on it and walked away.


perseverance does not come naturally to me.


however, thankfully, God is nothing like us in this way. what I’ve learned as I’ve gotten to know God better is that He ALWAYS finishes the things that he begins. this brings me so much peace, because if He had the tendency to give up as quickly as I do, then the world would be full of things with no completion. we would be half-created, and that would be just downright depressing. I want to be fully formed!


while it’s okay to not complete some of the projects we begin just for fun, when it comes to growth in our hearts, we HAVE to finish what we start working on. we can’t simply just stop halfway and back out and quit. well, I guess we could, but I find that once I’m that far on something in my heart, I don’t want to stop. Jesus drives me to continue until I’m finished.


a wise woman once told me that situations aren’t fully resolved until they come full circle. I’ve found this realization to be completely true. I know that things are resolved, a door has shut, a chapter has ended, when I find myself in the place where I started, but different on the inside. and there isn’t a more satisfying feeling anywhere in the world.


this happened with a friend of mine just a few weeks ago. it took months for the situation to come full circle, but I was in the car one night and discovered that things had finally come full circle. I am back where I started, and I’m finally filled with peace.


God always finishes what He starts.


What do you think?

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