I was going to

I was going to write something angry today. 


I was going to rip on some people, complain about the behaviors of our church culture, talk about how things should be different, how we need to take steps to make our world a better place.


But I think, right now, we’ve heard a heck of a lot of that. We’re all a little tired of hearing everything we should be doing differently. This week has been full of gun-control debates and politics and grief and anger, and not enough forgiveness, support, laughter, something to laugh about.


So instead, I want to write something beautiful. As dark as this world can be, there is so much light all around us when we look. So many little moments worth keeping and tucking inside, to pull out on a rainy night like tonight.


Driving through downtown and seeing garland and Christmas lights lining the streets.


Staying up late to watch youtube videos with Doug the very first night of Christmas break.


Eight year old girls who ask to play with your hair.


The way Kelly laughs when you take her by surprise.


Allie’s great taste in food.


Rocking out in the car by yourself to terrible renditions of Jingle Bell Rock.


Making gingerbread men out of molasses cookie dough, because it tastes so much better.


Katrina’s jazz rendition of Silent Night.


Wrapping Christmas gifts.


Hot chocolate with lots of marshmellows.


These things are infinitely more valuable to remember than any policy or new law that might be created, because they make living possible. These things can break the balance between life and death, suicide or survival. They may seem so small, but they wield power. Power to remind someone that they are loved, power to bring light on the darkest of Friday mornings.


I was going to write something angry today. But I didn’t. 


Because even one candle can light the darkness tonight.


What do you think?

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