It’s like a flood.

“It’s like a flood!”


I laughed as I put my foot on the brake, easing my car into the driveway as I held my phone up to my ear. “There’s no other way to explain it. Crazy how God blesses us.”


God always gives good gifts, but He’s definitely been taking it up a notch lately. As of today the blog has 5,760 views, and that count doesn’t include my own. That’s because of people like you – people who dare to give me a chance, to hear me out over your computer screen on a late Sunday night or early Friday afternoon. In the last few weeks I have received countless Facebook messages, emails, tweets, texts, and words of encouragement from the most unlikely places, all of them incredibly encouraging and genuinely inspired by my words. And that touches a deep yearning in my heart, to make others feel heard and loved. Thank you for being a part of that.


I can’t tell you how or why I’m here today, because it’s not because of me. I’m so blessed and I’m overwhelmingly, ridiculously grateful for it all. None of it seems fair, that thousands of people might write but God would choose to say that one. She’s going to learn to shout from rooftops and share what she sees in the mirror, and I’m going to use her thoughts that are hardly worth pennies and I’m going to change her life with them, and the lives of hundreds of others in the process. Because I love her to death and I believe in her. 


And wow, that idea tears me to pieces, that God chooses to be that big and loving and compassionate. Because if anyone is undeserving of this, it’s me. I don’t say that to put on a false pretense of humility, it’s just true. I write because I want to remember my epiphanies, but they’re all things that thousands of other generations have discovered. All the way back to when Jesus dared the Pharisees to cast the first stone, to when Joseph went from the lowliest Egyptian prison to the ruler of it all. God has been blessing His children since Adam and Eve wept for their sons, one who murdered the other, and God blessed them with a third son who became the roots of God’s family tree.


They didn’t deserve any of that. And certainly, neither do I. 


So let this tale that I’m telling point to God with full force, every syllable and sentence and word and comma. Let it shout to the fact that God is wonderful and loving and powerfully kind, so kind that it can change your life.



Some things to look forward to:


-Remember when I wrote about Shauna Niequist? I’ve actually had the honor of receiving an advance copy of her newest book, Bread & Wine, so I can write about it. Shauna’s words are blowing my socks off already. Get pumped.


-As of today’s launch of Her Glory, an online blogazine, I am a published author! Take the time to check out their stuff, it is genuine and vulnerable – two things I am a huge advocate of.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support and encouragement and vulnerability with me. It is so respected and appreciated.


With all my love (and God’s too!),




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