Picking favorites and buying stocks

Last night I went to Edge, my youth group, and after the sermon we split up into groups for discussion. The senior girls went through the questions on the sheet pretty quickly, and we sat there for a second before a topic popped into my head.


“Are there any areas where it’s hard to give everything to God?” I asked.


“Well, it’s hard not to be constantly seeking out a relationship,” a friend of mine admitted, as several of the other girls nodded in agreement. “Even though the best relationship will come when we totally focus on God and give Him everything, it’s hard not to be lonely and looking for someone to fill the yearning.”


I nodded and thought for a moment. Then, I asked the question that I had been asking myself silently for weeks.


“But, if you completely focus on God and give Him everything, and He still doesn’t give you a relationship, does that make God’s plan any less good?”


We all sat in silence as we thought about the meaning of that question.


If God doesn’t give us what we want, does that make His plan fall short of beautiful?

I know several beautiful, gifted, Godly, servant-like women who are completely committed to God and focused on Him, and God still hasn’t sent “the one” into their lives. On my good days I look at them and think “wow, they are so brave”, with a detached sort of sympathy. On my bad days, I will admit that I’ve looked at them and asked God to make sure that wasn’t my fate.


Have they done anything wrong? Absolutely not.


Is it possible that God’s plan for them is just as good as His plan for that rich, gorgeous, engaged, 26 year old brunette walking across the street?



About a week ago I was reading my Bible, and I stumbled across this verse:


But glory, honor and peace for everyone who does good: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. For God does not show favoritism. [Romans 2:10-11]


I did a classic double-take, and read it again.

God does not show favoritism.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Do you understand what this means for our world?


It means that every face, every talent, every personality, every laugh, every soul, was made with the same amount of love and care.


It means that every story God writes for our lives, every adventure, every romance, are all unique and different but equally beautiful.


It means that we no longer have any excuse to look at someone else and wish their life was ours when we have been given a completely unique, original story that is only ours to live.


It means that the choice we make isn’t how to perfect our future, but how to trust the One who already has it in His hand.


It means that the question we ask ourselves changes from How can I make my life look the way I want it to?, to How can I fall so in love with my Creator that my only definition of a beautiful life is a life spent with Him?

Are we buying stock in God so we can have the life we want, or are we investing in a relationship with Him because He is our Father?


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