She’s in love.

“It’s all so good.”


She sits across the table from me in the little restaurant, the lunchtime bustle just beginning. Her smile is so big, it’s practically taking over her face. “It blows my mind that God could possibly be planning something this good, just for me.”


These days there’s a bounce in her step, an eagerness in her laugh. She’s a little more bashful, a light blush in her cheeks. She might not admit it if you asked her, but just because she hasn’t said the words doesn’t mean it doesn’t shine in her eyes every time she says his name.


If anyone deserves a little happiness, it’s her. Because she has lived a life of being passed over for someone prettier, someone more talented, someone else. And it was never fair, but now it feels like Karma is back to treat her right this time. Karma is saying I’m sorry, that was cruel, but now I’m back to give you someone who is gonna make up for some of that crap.


Someone who isn’t perfect or organized or exactly what was on your Dream Guy checklist, but Someone who is gonna love you with his whole heart and miss you a lot when you’re not around. Someone who is gonna remind you that life is pretty messy, and you can’t organize lives and relationships into boxes and drawers. Someone who will still hold your hand after you fight and put his arms around you when he sees the tears in your eyes.


And it’s so bittersweet, watching her begin this journey. Because it’s gonna break her heart. But it’s also going to make her strong, the way lifting barbells tears your muscles before the tissue strengthens.


The tears are inevitable, the venting sessions are coming, the questions will only get bigger and stronger with every step. But oh, the adventures she will have. And this man she has grown to love, she will push and pull but she will learn to let him lead, to match his steps, to put her head on his shoulder even on nights when that feels far too risky. And even if they part ways one day, every moment will still have been worth it. Because it would be a shame to ever regret loving someone.


Oh, darling girl. You deserve this. Every moment, every glance, every laugh and snort and stupid joke and hug and story, they are all hard-earned. And I’ll be here, reading every text, hearing every story, hugging you when you cry. Because you’re my girl. And I love you so, so much.


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