so, about that…

once again, I’m afraid I have failed the blogging world.

 it seems as though the instant I seem to renew a passion for blogging (which, don’t get me wrong, I DEFINITELY have), my schedule says “heh heh heh…not today” and proceeds to SWALLOW ME ALIVE and therefore give me no time whatsoever to do any kind of writing.

 and then part of my soul starts to wither, crying out “come on, Hannah! where is your inner POET!?”, and then I finally sit down with a sigh, grab a pen (or, in this case, my laptop), and start to type out my thoughts.

 almost as soon as I rest my fingers on the keys, the thoughts start flying through my brain like crazed monkeys, finally having an outlet on which to use their energy after spending weeks of uselessness running around with friends and eating insane amounts of lemon supreme pie (thank you bakers square for officially becoming crack). I start to type at a speed unknown to most of human kind to catch up with my thoughts, and I go so fast that my letetres gte completley julmbled up and my fingers can’t seem to catch up with my mind. the monkeys are pushing! the fingers are flying! and then suddenly….

 it’s over.

 the monkeys fall on the ground exhausted, my mind completely empty of any deep or poetic thoughts whatsoever. my fingers finally rest after an exhausted chaos of intermittently flying across the keyboard and deleting the mess of letters which they randomly produced. my heart and soul finally satisfied with the assortment of ideas finally put to paper (or screen). my mind pleased with the written work seen before me.

 and then I rediscover my passion for writing.

 and I vow to do it all over again, just knowing that TOMORROW, I will have the time to continue.

 but the cycle continues…

 and so do I.


What do you think?

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