Why everyone should go to counseling

This season of life has been hard for me. I’m used to having answers, and since I didn’t have any and the people I know and love weren’t sure how to help me, I started seeing a counselor. It’s only been two weeks, and I’m pretty sure it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.


A few days ago, after telling someone I was going to counseling, they said “A counselor? Wow, I didn’t know things were that bad”.


Bad? Bad? Well, no one is dying if that’s what “bad” is supposed to mean.


I don’t understand why our culture makes counseling such a big deal. You need help, you don’t have the tools, you ask someone else to help you out. And sometimes that ‘someone’ has a college degree in problems, and you’re paying them so they can do nothing but help you and other people like you.


Where is the big deal in that?


Our culture sees counseling as where you go for your last resort. You have no other options, you’re entering the “get help or drown” mentality. But wouldn’t our world be a different place if we sought help as our first resort, instead of our last?


One of the amazing things about going to counseling is how much it has pushed me to embrace my brokenness. When you tell someone you’re going to counseling, you know that person will look at you and think, “wow, I guess they have problems”. It’s a public announcement saying you’re broken, and you need someone else to help you fix it. It humbles you and strengthens you in the best way possible.


If I could, I would tell everyone in the world ages 16+ to go see a counselor, even if it was for nothing but the fact that growing up is really hard. Sometimes we fall, and sometimes we need somebody who knows more than we do to help us out. Sometimes we can find that in a parent or a pastor or a mentor, but we don’t always have those options.


Everyone is broken. Everyone needs help.


Why would you rob yourself of an opportunity to find healing and meaning in your broken emptiness?


What do you think?

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