Why I write

it’s writing time.


I can feel it in my stomach, in my chest, beating it’s way up to my throat, my brain and my fingers itchy with the need to tell their story. I know the feeling. it is familiar to me. it’s the way I feel every time I get a good idea, every time something happens that’s worth talking about. every time I think I’ve struck on something new and immeasurably important, like an explorer finding a fossil.

but just like the explorer discovers how old the fossil really is, I discover that the things which are brand new to me are things of ancient history, passed down through generations, life lessons already discovered by others. but they have a new profoundness for me.

so I write.

I write because I need to. my soul needs to write like my body needs to eat, nourishing my soul and forcing it to grow. I write as an act of desperation, a need to believe that I have words worth hearing. I write because it’s the only way of life I know. I write because when I do, I feel part of something much bigger than I am, part of the stars and the galaxy and the tiny blades of grass in my yard.

I write because I want to share the beauty that seems to pour from my world. the beauty I see when Sarah laughs, when Katrina cooks, when Allie smiles, when Doug makes our family laugh around the table at dinner. when the sun is setting and the rain is falling and the music is playing, and for that one instant we’re dancing in rhythm to the music that has been playing all along, if we had only been listening.


and I write so that on the days when the world doesn’t seem so beautiful, I can read and remember.


this writing that I do is more simply called art. I try to capture rays of beauty into words the way an artist tries to paint them, or a musician tries to play them on a harp.


here’s the thing: whether you believe it or not, you’re an artist too. we are meant to demonstrate the different aspects of God, and the first thing God was in the Bible is Creator. and so are we. we are designed to create.

can you see the beauty of this plan? Creator and created, both creating.


I don’t know what your art is. maybe you paint, or you play violin. but if your paint is doing someone’s makeup, or your music is making someone laugh, then play on.


draw. encourage. smile. create.


create for what the act of creating will create in you.


What do you think?

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