On summer and living your life.

Can I be honest? I don’t always love summer. I know, who do I think I am, right? But sometimes it’s sticky and hot and I always feel like I need to shower and that is just a terrible feeling. Really. Terrible.


But despite the fact that today was freakishly toasty, even for me, I reveled in it. I soaked in the humidity and burning sun and let me tell you, I adored every dang second of it.













I toured the town and saw the sights and wandered in and out of little boutiques and got lunch in a little downtown cafe, and I wondered how often do people take the time to do this? Where you just wander aimlessly, celebrating all the little lovely things, in no hurry to get somewhere or do an activity but to just see. Stop. Window shop and breathe.


Live. Fully. Please. A life is beautiful because it is beauty-full. Fill your life with good, glorious, life-worthy things. And I think a beauty-filled life is one where we stop and pause and enjoy, and we stop measuring things by their usefulness and become willing to simply appreciate them for their beauty.


Get outside and walk down the street and watch the sunset and get coffee and send a postcard, just because. And train your mind and spirit to pause and look and listen, because those things will turn on your senses and make you so aware to the beauty around you. And if you don’t, you might miss it. Please don’t miss it.


What do you think?

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