She had no choice.

NOTE: A little while ago, I wrote a post about Ruth, the Moabitess. It was such an amazing experience that I’ve decided to make a sequel. Enjoy. -H

She’s gorgeous.

I mean, it says in the Bible that “The woman was very beautiful,” but they don’t tell you HOW beautiful.

She’s stunning. Drop-dead, jaw-on-the-ground kind of stunning. She takes your breath away.

No wonder David wanted her.

Oh, Bathsheba. You are a mystery to me, shrouded in fog and the thick perfume of the palace bedroom of the most famous earthly king of all time. And that is where your dignity ends so often, doesn’t it? Your story ends in the bedroom, helping the king of Israel commit his crimes. If we’re going by the “guilty by association” rule of thumb, you are certainly not innocent.

But I suppose we forget too often how the times were then. You, young and fair and innocent and so veryΒ married, had to go to the palace at the summons of the king no matter what you wanted. You were a young woman, left by your husband to fight for a nation that has now taken what he values most. If the king summoned, you had no choice.

And Sheba dear, I wonder how it must have felt to walk into that room. Maybe you did want him, somewhere in a dark corner of your heart. Maybe you hadn’t been wanted so fiercely in a long, long time. Maybe you had never been wanted as much as the king of Israel wanted you in that moment.

Maybe you tried to run. Maybe you were suddenly shy as the handsome young king stepped towards you, pushing your hair away from your face.

Maybe if things had been different, you would have chosen him.

Or perhaps terror gripped you as he pushed the collar of your dress off your shoulders.

We’ll never know, will we?

Oh, Sheba, I am so sorry. So sorry that your crime was being beautiful and desirable. So sorry that if discovered, you would have been the one paying the price for a crime you were helpless to stop.

And I can only imagine the fear that must have gripped you when you realized there was another heart beating inside of you, a heart that was the result of a beginning that should have never begun.

But you are not left there. God is never finished until there is grace. You mothered one of the most famous kings in history, King Solomon. And you raised him and taught him to be kind and wise, and that is what he became. When you closed your eyes for the last time, you were able to end your life with a smile on your face. If that is not grace, I don’t know what is.

Let there never be doubt that God completes what he begins.


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