God was not finished with him yet.

He was starstruck.

Who was this girl? She was lovely. No, that was an understatement. Stunning. Her dark curls ran in ringlets down her bare back as she scooped water into her hands, letting it trickle through her slender fingers. Why, oh why hadn’t he gone to the front lines with his soldiers, like a king should? He shouldn’t be here. She wasn’t his.

But his gaze lingered a little longer as she stood, drawing the robe slowly around her shoulders. She sat on the edge of the tub, soaking in the first warm spring day. She ran her fingers through her hair almost absentmindedly as she crossed her legs.

David was suddenly overcome with irritation. Who did she think she was, taunting him like this? Everything about her was tantalizing, daring him to come closer. He could almost imagine the smell of her hair as he pressed his face into it, the softness of her skin as he touched her face…

No. He couldn’t think like this. But simple curiosity is harmless, right? He turned and gestured to a servant, who hurried to his side.

“Alon, fetch someone who might be able to tell me who that woman is.”

The slave didn’t hesitate. “I know who she is, Sir. Isn’t that Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam and the wife of Uriah? The Hittite.”

Uriah. Why did that name sound familiar? Oh, yes, he was a soldier. Away at war. Like he should be.

David was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he forgot Alon, who was growing increasingly anxious as the moments passed. “Is there anything else I can do for you, your majesty?”

His voice startled David back into the present. “Bring her to me.” If this was the game she wanted to play, fine. They would play it.

Hours later, he still could not shake her image from his mind. This could be a mistake, something deep inside him whispered, but he shrugged it away. It was too late now.

The door opened and two guards stepped in, the woman in tow. Somehow she seemed younger only a few feet away, more fragile somehow. He felt a twinge of compassion for her, for the fear that glowed in her dark eyes. The guards left, closing the door.

The two stood for a moment. The girl looked guarded, fearful. He felt awkward, shy to be so near to a girl so lovely. But that was ridiculous. He was the king. He had the power.

And as he stepped towards her, a chapter of David’s life ended and a new one began, one where shame would be a known friend and people would whisper rumors of murderer in hushed tones.

But God was not finished with him yet.


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