10 things to kill the Christmas break monotony

After cookie baking, Christmas tree decorating, catching up on all my TV shows, and not leaving the house for more than 12 hours total in the last week, I’m starting to get weird. (NOTE: “getting weird” seems to imply that I was normal previously. That implication would be false. I am becoming what I consider weird, and this should be cause for legitimate concern.)

Since all the “normal” things you do at home have become monotonous, here are the new things I have been doing. Enjoy.


1. Watching more YouTube videos than I had ever previously imagined possible in one sitting. (I may or may not have spent 2 hours last night watching every Katy Perry music video ever made. I never said I was proud.) However, I did find some cool stuff (not Katy Perry videos), like this and this.


2. Improvised Frozen, the One-Woman Musical. It was epic, in case you were wondering.


3. Photo shoots. (Because who doesn’t love a good Christmas Break selfie?)



Gotta love Photo Booth.


4. Stalking every person I know on Pinterest. (My friends have good taste.)


and then


5. Proceeding to pin every Frozen-themed photo/graphic/meme I could find to my Pinterest boards. (I don’t have a problem, I swear.)


6. Taking a bath for the first time in more than a year. (As Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation would say, “TREAT YOSELF.”)

FYI, I can hold my breath for exactly 18 seconds. Not bad.


7. Learned mirror writing!


Didn’t even need a mirror to write this one, yo.


NOTE: This isn’t entertaining, but I’d just like to add that I haven’t changed my socks since Monday. Why would I need to if all I do is lay in bed all day?


8. Went back to Club Penguin to see if I still remember my password. The answer is no. I am locked out of my own Club Penguin account. A chapter of my life has officially ended.


9. Read more Buzzfeed posts than I will ever publicly admit. (I also took the “What ‘Friends’ Character Are You?” quiz three times because I didn’t like the answer I got.)


10. Wrote an entire blog post about all the stupidly entertaining things I’ve done in the last week.


If you think of it, say a prayer for me and my sanity over the next two weeks before I go back to school. I will probably need it.


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