I am refined by fire

This has been a hard season.

I don’t really like to start a blog post with the tough stuff, but there it is. It’s been a hard season. Health issues, homework, and other stressors add up after a while. It’s been hard to keep going. It’s been hard to keep my chin up on some days.

However, hard ≠ bad. And this season has been a good one. I am learning, getting stronger, stretching new muscles I haven’t used before. College is teaching me who I am when everything I’ve ever known is stripped from me, and I’m discovering that the person in the mirror is actually halfway decent.

This is what I’ve found, when the tough seasons come: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. This phrase is 100% true in my life. When the hard times hit and the strain bears down on me and I feel the pressure, I’m also reminded of who I am. I never feel more like myself than in the moments when the core of who I am is challenged.

These seasons come and go, and that’s probably good. I don’t think I can handle the pressure all the time. But I’m growing to love these seasons, the ones that make me flop into my bed at the end of the day like I ran a marathon. The ones that force me to sit down and think about where I’m headed. The ones that demand that I ground myself, put down roots, hold on for dear life during the storm. Your muscles grow weak if you never have to grasp tightly.

It’s days like these, ones where you are asked, are you really who you think you are? are you really the person you claim to be? that become worthwhile when you climb in bed at night and whisper, I was me today. I was the most me that I can be.


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